As much as this blog has been a way for me to share some of my go-to places I also hoped to be able to learn some from you all.  So if any of you are familiar with the Orange area please use this as a platform for you to share your own finds.  Food and eating is one of the best things people can share with one another and I look forward to hearing about all of your favorites!


“Life is so brief that we should not glance either too far backwards or forwards…therefore study how to fix our happiness in our glass and in our plate.”
– Grimod de la Reynière



Just went to Chapman’s (semi)new World of Wings in the student union. For around $10.00 i had the privilege of waiting 15 minutes for my food… Now not that I have anything against the school offering new food venues for their students but this wait for what? over seasoned chicken wings and room temperature french fries?  Maybe this was an off night for them but for me and many other friends this is not the first time WOW has let us down.  For the amount of money we spend to attend Chapman University you’d think they could have made the food slightly more reasonably priced for students.  For the price i paid for that I could’ve gotten real food from so many better places (AKA a panini from Twos….)  But just so I dont come across as completely anti-Chapman food my bagel from Einsteins this morning was pretty delicious.


Hot dog from the Circles Plaza 149

And then a hot dog from Chapman’s own cafateria…





how addicted I am to Twos Company, almost to the point that I feel like I might end up on an episode of intervention… Posing as just a regular hole in the wall sandwich and ice-cream its not until you order your meal and take the first bite when you know your hooked.  For me it was the chicken chipotle panini… hard to find words to describe.  Its everything good in the word grilled and pressed in between 2 slices of homemade bread.  Served with either fresh potato/pasta salad and a warm cookie and you have the secret to happiness.  The people that work there are the same every time I go in (not going to give a number due to sham) and you really feel like this is a family business.

^couldn’t wait to take the picture #cantletitgetcold #nomnom

Another key component for my undying love for Two’s is the stamp card.  Buy 9 sandwiches and the 10th is free… say no more im sold… Only one stamp away (this is my 3rd card)

Dont Look If Hungry…

Just a little sample of what Old Town has to offer…

Sorry if your viewing this on an empty stomach.

Fun Fact (YAY)

A study from HFG Consulting reports that the typical college student in the United States spends an average of $1,293 a year eating out, or slightly more than 8 percent of all the money he/she makes in a year.  Call me crazy but based on my peers eating habits I have a feeling that average might be a little higher at Chapman U… For all you Chaptowners reading how often would you say you eat out and whats the average spent on a single meal?

Round 1: Tokyo Cafe

When narrowing down which places to go to in old town Orange, I knew the list wouldn’t be complete without properly mentioning the premier sushi restaurant int the area,  Tokyo Cafe.  One of the first places Ive ever eaten at when I came to Chapman, Tokyo offers some tasty sushi at a great price. Whether its a casual lunch, date night, or pickup between (or during) classes, Tokyo never lets me down when i need a quick sushi fix.  Prices for rolls here start as low as $3.50 and go up to $9.95 and there’s something for everybody.  I decided to try something new from my usual Santa Monica roll and went with the conveniently named Chapman Roll.

Coming in the the upper tier of Tokyo’s price range, $9.95, the roll is a little pricey but for the sake of this blog I figure I can sacrifice.  The base of this is simple California role- nothing special- but the game changer comes when the fine sushi chefs add baked salmon and a creamy sauce on top with masago and a little green onions.  The salmon and sause combo made the upcoming weeks before finals seem not too bad and helped me get through the 3 hour film screening i had coming up.  Coupled with a bowl of Miso and the result was a pretty bomb meal to say the least.  At around $12 with tip, the meal might not seem that cheap but for a quality sushi lunch that tasted fresh and filled me up, it was more than worth it.  So if any of you are driving through the area, sitting at home, or going on an evening jog, and want some quick and cheap sushi stop by or give them a call.


Update: I should have stated earlier but Tokyo is BYOB which means you can bring your own drinks (provided you are 21) and enjoy them with your meal